Get Set for Changing Workshops

Don’t leave it to chance. Prepare yourself to make effective change by diving into what is needed to support people in transition.

The ‘Get Set for Changing’ workshops are a practical way to get vital knowledge from your people to inform your Change Program design. They are also a powerful way to involve a variety of people in the change process from an early stage. The three workshops are:

  1. Evaluating People Risks
  2. Assessing Change Impacts
  3. Designing Stakeholder Engagement

Who are they for?

The workshops are designed for teams preparing to make change. You may be changing the way people work, or introducing a new practice, process or technology. Typical participants include:

  • Project Managers and Project Sponsors
  • Business Analysts
  • Technologists
  • Business Managers and representatives

What’s involved?

  • Facilitated conversation and exploration
  • Interactive, hands-on activity with tools provided
  • Working on a real project in concept or initiation phase
  • Held separately or as a series
  • Half or full-day session with small groups
  • At your site or offsite

How will it help you?Road cones

It will enable you to:

  • Anticipate issues and respond with foresight
  • Reduce risk of project failure
  • Be ready for best use of resources
  • Create tools to guide action and decisions