Explore what’s desirable; embrace what’s possible. Designing your team experience for better collective workscapes.

Unlock the potential!

Sessions with practical knowledge about changes to make for the team; and how to be effective in making change.

Empower yourselves!

Take a personal pathway to become Self unLimited and change your workscape (beyond any particular team context).

Enhance your value!

A fresh approach to designing changing experiences using design principles. Use the Questo card set for meaningful conversations.

Energise team focus!

Coming together is a beginning. 

Keeping together is progress. 

Working together is success.

~ Henry Ford

What team members want to improve their experience

We asked. We discovered. We share with you. Eight fresh ideas for great impact with your team.

Resources for teams and individuals

Our collection has things we’ve created and curated. With the power to have impact, if you dare to use them.

Client Testimonials

We’ve had positive impact. Here’s what our clients say:

The day was a resounding success and has made a big difference. The team grasped new concepts and got insights into their own behaviours and attitudes. Team members felt substantially more empowered, through the activities in the session, to make personal changes to increase their work satisfaction.

Pam Guy

Tribal Group

Questo’s self-care workshop has stayed with me, in flashes of attention over the months since I attended. The workshop taught me, gently, that self-care is a practical, necessary part of a healthy life, and what I learned is easily applicable and repeatable. It’s as if the session was not a single point of learning, but the start of an important awareness.

Anna Kiss-Gyorgy

Change Manager

A highly interactive workshop; very accessible content to understand the dynamics of working with stakeholders on changes plus great techniques to help find new ways of working. Valuable for the whole team, not just those in leadership positions. The right balance of challenge and support for those working in fast-paced environments. Highly recommended!

Mike Byrant

Monash University

Be inspired! Connect to get good ideas.

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