You’re looking for an Activity you can do with your team. Something meaningful; something engaging; something that delivers a positive outcome.

Then this collection is for you!

We’ve taken some of our own ideas, and captured (and tweaked) the ideas of others, to give you good options for an activity you can include in a regular or special team gathering.

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Here’s what’s available:

Teammate Appreciation List*
A team collectively takes time to think about, and anonymously write a note of appreciation for every team member. An excellent way to establish a gratitude/appreciation quality for you team culture. Activity Card (pdf)

Team Scavenger Hunt*
A team spends time together-while-apart in individually finding (aka scavenging) things named in a pre-determined list (we’ve got suggestions to get you started!), then sharing things found with their team mates. A great way to practice curiosity and exploration, intentionally; while increasing knowledge of each other within the team. Activity Card (pdf)

Word at a Time Story
A team collaboratively creates a story with individual contributions in a live flow. A great way to practice listening, participating and creative thinking and finding a sense of flow in team activity. Activity Card (pdf)

Origami Decision Maker*
Team members individually make an origami artefact with simple resources to create a playful conversation starter. A great way to do something tactile and creative with hands, even when working remotely. Potentially provides a stimulating and challenging experience for those who are not familiar with craft activities. Activity Card (pdf)


* Works well with remote teams and online gatherings


Intentional Acts of Appreciation

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