Prepare your Change Strategy

Change begins here. Working closely with your people to discover the elements that will build a foundation and guide your change.

Effective changing begins with big-picture clarity about the what, why and how. Your journeys into the unknown benefit from a compass and an expert guide familiar with such territory, to spot obstacles ahead and navigate around them.

Questo offers refreshing ways for you to get clear and map the journey while we travel with you to your destination.  We help you to build trust, create hope, show compassion and provide stability so you can flourish through the experience.

There is nothing more difficult … than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.
~ Niccolo Machiavelli

Who is it for?

For organisations getting ready to start a journey of change

What’s involved?

  • Conversations with key stakeholders who will enable change
  • Analysis: scope, impact, drivers, benefits and risks, stakeholders (through reviewing documents, interviews, workshops with change leaders and change enablers)
  • Determining the appropriate frameworks and approaches for your change
  • Defining your Change Strategy map for the expedition

How will it help?

Your organisation gains:

  • Clear perspective of the vision for change
  • Clarity about who will lead and who will manage, the change process
  • Empowered leaders activated for their role
  • Confidence the change process is guided by the right elements and principles
  • A strong base to specify activities that facilitate your change effectively
  • Readiness to involve and care for stakeholders during transition

What others say

We have experienced a refreshing effective approach to change and project management.
~ Haydn Blennerhassett, Central Highlands Water