Conduct your Change Program

Now the journey begins for all of your team.

It’s always helpful to have a guide on journeys, particularly one who can anticipate needs and deftly tackle challenges when they emerge. A Questo Change Facilitator works with your leadership to navigate the change terrain, and keeps a watchful eye on the Change Strategy to orient the Change Program.  They also co-ordinate the internal and external experts who contribute complementary skills and perspectives to the program.

The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order.
~ Alfred North Whitehead

Who is it for?

For organisations who need an external partner to manage the process of introducing
and achieving change. We expect that at this stage you have already designed a Change Program.

What’s involved?

  • Regular engagement with change leaders, enabling their role
  • Understanding and applying the details defined in the Change Program; adapting as necessary
  • Managing and monitoring activities within project/business governance
  • Leading a team of change practitioners and allied experts

How will it help?

Your organisation gains:

  • Meaningful change experience for individuals and teams
  • Individuals and teams with greater awareness, desire, knowledge and ability to achieve change
  • More consistent new behaviours to reach business goals
  • Orderly, effective actions that are evaluated and adjusted as conditions change
  • Organisational resources to enable the transition and future states

What others say

I am certain that your change approach and your ability to adapt to suit the emotional climate at the time were one of our project’s biggest strengths. My staff members have often commented through this exercise that you placed a human face on the project which helped them transition successfully during implementation.

~ Ms Julia Hoon, Assistant Director, Business Services, RMIT International