Selection of Change Design Principle CardsGenerating meaningful conversations with a design sensibility

We created Change Design Principles to bring a design sensibility to change in organisations: for Team Development contexts and OCM Practitioner contexts.

When situations are complex with a high degree of uncertainty, traditional methods of resolution are insufficient – a better way to explore what’s possible and desirable is principles-based. To act from a principles-base is to know the principles relevant to a situation, and apply these when deciding and taking action.

These are design principles to influence design choices. To design is to make intentional decisions about the form and function of something, so it might do or be something desirable for a ‘user’. In both Team Development and Organisational Change Management, a key thing that can be designed is Experiences: the whole of an interaction between people, as well as the quality of any particular interaction.

To be a designer is to be an agent of change. ~ Barbara Chandler Allen

To be an agent of change is to be a designer. ~ Helen Palmer


Listen to creator Helen Palmer, share about two different Change Design Principles.


Change Design Principle Cards

The handy sets of cards explain Principles and how to explore the Principles to shape the experiences you are designing.

  • Set 1: 32 Principles, 9 Activities, 4 Key Factor Cards (aka Starter Set)
  • Set 2: 30 Principles, 7 Activities
  • Set 1 + Set 2 Bundle: 62 Principles, 16 Activities, 4 Key Factor Cards
  • 4 Key Factor Cards (as a separate bundle. NB: comes included with Set 1)

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Who are the cards for?

We recommend the cards for the following situations:

Team Development:

  • Team Lead (or Coach) seeking to stimulate a fresh conversation in a team about how members orientate to each other; and the work they do. To generate conversations to design the team’s workscape.

OCM Practitioner:

  • Working with Change or Business Sponsor to shape and define a Change Strategy
  • Working with Change Team and/or Stakeholders to design Change Engagement programs and activities
  • Wanting to cultivate fresh mindsets and practices as part of personal professional development


Get set. Go!

Team Development - Activities, Stories and more details for Team Development context. OCM Practitioner - Activities, Stories and more details for OCM Practitioner context. Get free posters (A3 size) of all Principles in Card Sets 1 and 2. Get free posters (A3 size) to display a selection of five Principle Cards.


Suggestion for additional Cards

Share with us your suggestion for a new Principle Card or a new Activity Card.