When change is complex with high degrees of uncertainty, typical methods of ‘change management’ can be insufficient – a better way to plan and operate through changing, is principles-based. To be principles-based, is to know the principles relevant to the situation, and apply these when deciding and taking action.

Introducing Change Design Principles

Questo has created Change Design Principles to bring a design sensibility to organisational change.

These are principles to apply in making change in organisations; they are design principles to influence design choices.

To design is to make intentional decisions about the form and function of something, so it might do or be something desirable for a user.  In organisational change that ‘something’ might be a program of change activity; a specific activity or experience; or an object or interaction that addresses a need or problem.

Listen to creator Helen Palmer, share about two different principles.


Change Design Principle Cards

Questo has created handy sets of cards that explain Principles and how to explore the Principles to shape your change and approaches to change.

Set 1: 32 Principles, 9 Activities, 4 Factor Cards – AVAILABLE NOW

Set 2: 30 Principles, 7 Activities – COMING LATE 2018

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We recommend the cards for use in the following situations:

  • Change Practitioner working with Change or Business Sponsor to define Change Strategy
  • Change Practitioner working with Change Team and/or Stakeholders to design engagement programs and activities
  • Change Practitioner wanting to cultivate fresh mindsets and practices as part of their own professional development
  • Coach or team lead seeking to stimulate a fresh conversation in a team about how they orientate to each other and the work they do

Listen to creator Helen Palmer, share about two activities where the cards could be used.


Wait there’s more!

In addition to the cards, here are helpful resources:

Share with us your suggestion for a new Principle Card or a new Activity Card.

Ummm, what’s the deal with Principle Cards No 33-35?

These are three unique cards that do not belong to any of the card sets. So to get a hold of them, you’ll need to do something extra-ordinary: Like ask Helen when you see her at a presentation/conference or course; or earn as a reward for helping spread the message of the Change Design Principle Cards.