A collection of coloured pencils - a photo by Jess Watters from UnsplashDetails for two team workshops

Workshops are run individually on seperate occasions. Workshops are customised in content and process for your particular context.

Before Workshop 1, we meet with the Team Leaders to understand the motivations and drivers for making change in your workscape. We also learn about cultural considerations for the team and broader organisation.


Workshop 1: Design the changes to shape and make

Explore the problems and opportunities for having a more effective and engaged team; and doing more effective productive work in service to others. Identify a list of changes to implement and outcomes to achieve.

It will enable you to:

  • Gain clear collective perspective of the vision for changes
  • Have team members contributing meaningfully to shaping the changes
  • Be confident in the relevance and connection of the changes and outcomes for the team
  • Have a strong base to specify activities and responsibilities for making change
  • Achieve increased team readiness to participate in making change

Workshop 2: Design the changing experience

With a known list of desired changes and outcomes, explore the approach to making it real and getting it done. Define the actions and responsibilities of individuals and the team, to achieve the desired results. Making it an engaging and meaningful experience for all.

It will enable you to:

  • Gain collective clarity about the actions and responsibilities for making change
  • Be confident that the changing experience is guided by the right principles and in consideration of organisational constraints
  • Achieve increased readiness of team members for their part in making change happen

In Workshop 2, we utilise Questo’s unique Change Design Principles for shaping the changing experience.


To explore how these workshops can help you and your team, contact us.