Design for workscape change with insight and ideas

A table top with many origami paper cranes in different stages of progressOrganisations face many challenges that are complex and without obvious solutions. Often ideas with the most potential for impact, come from a collaborative effort within the organisation.

We help you make sense of the changes you seek to make, through conversations and experimentation.  Those changes are often a complex mix of culture, function, structure and technology.

When people participate in shaping new work realities, they are more likely to own and be engaged in the changing process. Change can be challenging but it doesn’t have to all be difficult. When people get to define meaningful change, it can often result in an easier and enjoyable journey through the terrain of changing.

We bring a true design sensibility to our work. There are elements of Design Thinking, and where appropriate we might follow a full Design Thinking process. In a design discipline spectrum, our experience and focus is people-to-people interactions (3rd order design). We are practice-leaders at managing change as a designed user experience.

All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost.
~ J R Tolkien


Teamship Development Service

A multi-faceted service for a nine-month team development relationship with new teams or newly forming teams. Taking a focus on teamship (rather than leadership) where all play a part in leading the changes to shape an effective team of peers.  Learn more.


Facilitated Design workshops

Our design workshops are participatory collaborative endeavours. We provide facilitation; the people in your team do the hands-on exploratory work to shape and make the desired changes. We can provide ideas and advice from a fresh perspective to stretch imaginations about what’s possible.

Workshops are half-day or whole day; onsite or offsite – depends on the need. The scope and intention varies from strategic to tactical outcomes.

Workshop 1: Design the changes to shape and make
Explore the problems and opportunities for having a more effective and engaged team; and doing more effective productive work in service to others. Identify a list of changes to implement and outcomes to acheive.

Workshop 2: Design the changing experience 
With a known list of desired changes and outcomes, explore the approach to making it real and getting it done. Define the actions and responsibilities of individuals and the team, to achieve the desired results. Making it an engaging and meaningful experience for all.

For more details on the two workshops.

Customised workshops
We listen to your decision and action needs and shape design workshops to fit. From a single session of a few hours to a series of sessions, we shape the co-designing experience to deliver useful outcomes.

What one client said
We have experienced a refreshing effective approach to change and project management.
~ Haydn Blennerhassett, Central Highlands Water



Through a series of individual and group sessions, we interact with people in your organisation to explore what’s happening, and determine what’s possible. Typically a series of semi-structured conversations; participation in; and observation of current activities. We offer a fresh perspective and provide recommendations to shape change activity.

What one client said
Thanks for rescuing us from our Change Management ignorance and putting the project on a firm footing for CM and project-wide success in the coming year.
~ Nathan Bailey, eEducation Centre, Monash University



Change Design Principles
As part of our practice-leadership in applying design to changing processes, we developed a set of Change Design Principles. Presented on cards, these enable meaningful conversations about change and challenge conventional thinking.  The cards come with activities and inspirational stories.

Learning Design Canvas and Principles
Learning is a key mode of changing, and to change is to learn – so we integrate learning design with change design. We’ve developed a tool for capturing and exploring initial thoughts of the design of a Learning Event, Learning Event Canvas. We’ve defined Principles and Heuristics to apply in the design and delivery of Learning Events.

Leadership Conversations
Through relationship and conversations with the members of your leadership team in planning days and regular team meetings. We help shape the perceptions, choices and actions they take as leaders of change.

What one client said
I am certain that your change approach and your ability to adapt to suit the emotional climate at the time were one of our project’s biggest strengths. My staff members have often commented through this exercise that you placed a human face on the project which helped them transition successfully during implementation.
~ Ms Julia Hoon, Assistant Director, Business Services, RMIT International


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