Mentoring for Change Management

Action learning with a personal teacher

It’s a conversation. You choose how deep or wide it goes.

A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Who is it for?

For individuals who want to add to their skills, or who have new responsibilities for enabling change. Typical clients include consultants, project managers, business analysts, designers and novice change managers and analysts.

We mentor with a focus on people seeking to be Change Leaders or Change Agents.

What’s involved?

Our service is tailored to your situation.

  • Regular conversations with an experienced practitioner
  • Virtual or in-person contact
  • Professional supervision
  • Active learning: action with reflection
  • Useful resources and tools

How will it help?

It will enable individuals to:

  • Apply practical advice relevant to their current challenges and context
  • Develop and apply fresh ideas to better shape current change activities
  • Try new approaches knowing support is on hand
  • Act confidently in influencing change

It will enable organisations to:

  • Reduce risk and achieve more effective change
  • Support the wellbeing of people in transition
  • Gain a reputation for addressing people-change factors
  • Access timely, cost-effective expertise

What does it cost?

It depends on your requirements. Together we can figure out the best arrangement for your situation, with questions like:

  • For how long? (e.g. 2 months; 6 months)
  • With how much time? (e.g. 10 hours; 30 hours)
  • For how many people? (e.g. 1 person; 3 people)

What others say

As a team we got so much out of learning and applying the ABO (Awareness, Buy-In, Ownership) model. Your advice and coaching using this framework gave us all valuable skills in change management that I’m sure we’ll use again and again.
~ Haydn Blennerhassett, Project Manager and Knowledge Manager, Central Highlands Water


Mentor: Helen Palmer

Accredited Change Manager Master LogoHelen Palmer is the Principal Change Agent at Questo and a CMI Accredited Change Manager – Master level.

She’s passionate about guiding and supporting people in self discovery through sometimes uncertain, often innovative paths to change.

Her knowledge of professional practice opens people to new possibilities and their potential. She designs engaging change experiences for the workplace and has a well-deserved reputation for translating theory into useful practice. Anticipate fun and originality in her mentoring sessions.


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