The world is getting faster and more dynamic – are you ready to adapt and grow?

We’ve designed ready-to-go learning experiences that can make a genuine difference:

  • Gain new insights about making workscape changes as individuals and as a team
  • Explore challenging situations problems for fresh ways forward
  • Acquire new skills and fresh mindsets to apply at work

Our facilitator-led sessons inspire you to try new directions – and have fun along the way.


Classes (aka Learning workshops)

Footprints in sand - photo by Christopher Sardegna on UnsplashOur classes are styled as hands-on exploratory workshops. Typically a half-day or whole day, they can be held onsite or offsite. They are for your team, or with a mix of people from other organisations. We have designed these learning workshops from our experience in the trenches, understanding the factors for meaingful growth.

Value at Work
Gain fresh mindset, personal insights and personal action plan for the value you contribute, create and gain at work (For all individuals and teams)

The Change Savvy Team Member
Gain skills and mindset for being nimble and adaptive in fluctuating workscapes (For all individuals and teams)

Self-Care Practices
Gain fresh mindset and strategies for caring for self and others during transitions (For all individuals and any kind of people-centric practitioner)

Team Enrichment
Cultivate mindset and practices for enhanced working together as a team ensemble (For all teams)


Masterclass in Learning Facilitation
Raise your facilitation game when delivering learning in an online landscape or in-the-flesh! There’s two different versions of this class. Each has content and techniques appropriate for the delivery context: 1-day for in-the-flesh and 2 half-days for online. (For individuals with teaching/training experience)


Online Classes

When your team members are working remotely from various locations (including home), you need online classes that are shorter, engaging and focused.  We’ve adapted our main classes/workshops to fit this brief and include some from the Self unLimited collection. For the full menu of seven options.


Personal Pathways

Self unLimited™ eLearning
Shape your own future at work through the Self unLimited elearning options, where you can explore and develop (on demand and at your own pace) aspects of yourself and how you contribute in the workscape in ways beyond what you have imagined.  Explore the Self unLimited possibilities.


Customised Learning Experiences

We listen to your learning needs, design a unique learning experience to fit and deliver it with our own quality Learning Facilitators. From a single session of a few hours to a series of sessions, we facilitate learning experiences that deliver personal and team transformations.

What clients said
The day of professional development for our consultants was a resounding success and has made a big difference. The team grasped new concepts and got insights into their behaviours and attitudes in ‘being a professional’.  Team members felt substantially more empowered through the activities in the session, to make personal changes to increase their work satisfaction. Helen was a great facilitator; she made everyone feel very comfortable to have a voice without fear of feeling foolish and made it a fun experience.
~ Pam Guy, Tribal Group

Helen was incredible facilitating a group that came from two starkly different generations. She connected on a personal level, while giving them the space to safely explore and develop strategic thinking in an applied way. Her thorough consideration of the outcomes to achieve, and the tools to draw on, made her a very effective facilitator. The team introspected with care, and we came away with a better understanding of each other, which provides us with an important foundation to grow stronger as a team.
~ Nisha Leena Sinha Roy, Region Manager – Eastern, Girl Guides Victoria

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To explore how this learning can help you or your team, contact us.