Uplift yourself to contemporary facilitation practices

There are few people who are willing to stand in front of a group of people and share what they know. There are even fewer people who do this in a way that is energising, enabling and empowering.

It’s not enough to know a body of expert knowledge. There’s much more to engaging people so they learn more effectively, and are ready to leave the room to apply what they know.

Helen Palmer has deep experience and mastery from applying different activities and techniques when teaching. You can access this knowledge in a personal and applied way in a masterclass session with her. The medium is the message! You’ll discover why she’s considered an “artist” and “the best”.


Who is it for?

This workshop is for individuals who are:

  • Trainers and teachers with at least 2 year’s experience in ‘in-the-flesh’ group settings
  • Hungry for professional growth and extending their repertoire
  • Ready to step bravely into new territory and change themselves

What does it cover?

  • A suite of techniques, activities and tools to apply for common scenarios in facilitating group sessions of learning
  • Advice for facilitation issues you raise


How will it help?

You will :

  • Explore and practice fresh mindsets and actions in the act of facilitating learning in live group settings
  • Experience activities to re-use in your own facilitation/teaching practice
  • Gain practice-leading knowledge and tools to better serve those who learn
  • Increase professional relevance for a changing workscape
  • Make connections with like-minded people who can continue to stimulate your practice and support your professional growth and exploration


What’s involved?

  • 1-day session in an open physical space with natural light
  • Small group (8-12 people)
  • Safe space to explore and challenge old ways of thinking
  • Led by an inspiring experienced Facilitator (Helen Palmer)
  • Learning-by-doing – experiencing techniques and activities with conversations about contextualising for your situation


What does it cost?

Public session, per person (incl GST):

  • $880 Full price
  • $770 Early-bird price (purchase 4 weeks before start date)
  • $1,980 for Group-of-three ($660 pp)

Private sessions: Price on Application


What others say

It was a safe space for learners with a great deal of experimenting and sharing of experiences. Every participant connected with each other on LinkedIn. Lots of valuable insights with quirky yet effective approaches to apply straight away.
~ Lena

Had a ball!! It’s amazing how much we grow in the right conditions with minds ticking away in all directions !! Some brilliant insights into communication challenges, learning styles and creating engaging participant led learning!
~ Nisha

An amazing experience! I walked away with such valuable insights, tools and techniques. My key take away: Let go, name that emotion and be present. It was a pleasure meeting Helen and all the participants, thank you all for being so kind, open and trusting.
~ Amanda


When it is scheduled

No public sessions currently scheduled. Anticipate a session in Brisbane, Q3 2023.


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