Your team seeks revitalisation and boosting while working remotely


Dear Team Leads

We hear you!

You’ve got limited time; limited budget; and limited attention for making confident low-risk decisions. You want simple yet impactful learning and development opportunities for your team that are focused, engaging and have great energy.

So we’ve created short (60-90 min), affordable ($2,000 incl GST; AUD) team development sessions, that you can access very quickly with low risk. Helen Palmer is the facilitator, and she’s got a well-earned reputation for being lively and interactive in sessions – participants don’t have a chance to be bored!

We refer to our sessions as workshops, rather than classes or courses. That’s because they have a practical focus. And those in them, will be involved and interacting – no watching from the sidelines in these sessions!

For these sessions, we guarantee positive impactor you can have your money back. Now that’s really low-risk!

There’s a menu of seven learning options. Think of them like a small delicious dish of healthy food that you can get from the express lane. Each addressing an activity that you can pick up and continue to run with, in team development, for enduring value.

Menu as a handy 1-page flyer (PDF)


Self unLimited for Teams series

Four extracts from the Self unLimited Learning collection, chosen for their high impact and value in a team context. A variety of 45-90 min sessions, including a potential mix of individual eLearning micro programs and team conversations. Covering team practices concerning time; individual preferences and style; self-care and well-being; and growth and learning. Gain enhanced ability to work effectively as a nimble mature ensemble.

  • Professional Enrichment Plan
  • Self-care Practices
  • User Guide to Self
  • Activity Time Budget

Learn more about these.


Team Enrichment series

Hope-Trust-Compassion-Stability Lenses

An extract from our main Team Enrichment workshop. This 60-min session introduces the lenses with a hands-on activity and discussion so the team can check-in on its current condition, and shape better team experiences. You’ll be surprised how much this simple activity can shift thinking and catalyse enduring team conversations that range from self-care to empathy for other’s perspectives.

Value at Work

An extract from our main Value at Work workshop. This 90-min session starts the conversation and initiates a new team practice. It’s enough to get you going, so you can then pace yourself about when and how you extend this practice. Getting fluent in talking about value (not values) has dual benefits for the individuals in your team, as well as how your team thinks about its relationships with internal or external customers.

Calibrating for Collaboration

An extract from our main Team Enrichment workshop. This 90-min session introduces a rich way to think about collaboration, and some hands-on activities to explore the contours and dynamics of collaborating within your team. We draw from ideas in applied improv.  You’ll be amazed how much these simple activities can shift thinking and stimulate enduring team conversations around working like an ensemble.


What others say

A highly interactive workshop; very accessible content to understand the dynamics of working with stakeholders on changes plus great techniques to help find new ways of working. Valuable for the whole team, not just those in leadership positions. The right balance of challenge and support for those working in fast-paced environments. Highly recommended!
~ Mike Byrant, Monash University

Thank you for a wonderful experience. I really like understanding how the Value Exchange cards works and actually apply the methodology to my own experience. And as always, your workshops are fun and very enjoyable.
~ Maria Recaman, Change Manager


Terms and Conditions

  1. Bookings are made direct with Helen Palmer to ensure mutually suitable dates for the pre-session and post-session Team Lead conversations, and the Team workshop.
  2. Payment is required in full, five business days before the session is run; after dates have been agreed. A business invoice can be issued, or payment can be made using ecommerce facility.
  3. Sessions are conducted in Questo’s Zoom Meeting Room unless other arrangements are negotiated. Some sessions assume there is ability to use small group or breakout room functionality while online.


Don’t delay – start a conversation today with Helen about what’s a good fit for your team and circumstances.