Shaping a team that delivers success

Great teams don’t just happen by accident, they are formed by design. They are shaped through conversations, shared experiences and mutually supported intentions. They embrace diversity, they energise and value their members, and look after one another.

A team that is well calibrated will produce desired outcomes and do it more effectively, with greater harmony, greater work satisfaction, and greater quality of outcomes. That’s the team that delivers success!

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
~ Unknown


Who is it for?

This workshop is for groups who want to:

  • Shape themselves as an ensemble (not just a group) to unlock the team’s potential
  • Develop effective shared practices in working collaboratively
  • Increase everyone’s self-knowledge of being a valuable teammate

Typical participants include:

  • Restructured teams who are expected to work together collaboratively
  • Teams needing a ‘make-over’ to revitalise their style and refocus their activity


What does it cover?

The workshop progresses from concepts to practical activities to use in the workplace. Themes include:

  • Bonding as a team, knowing self and each other in the context of team
  • Sharing perspectives on values and the focus of the team
  • Everyday activities for calibrating as a team
  • Acting together without a script (lessons from Applied Improv)
  • Appreciating and valuing teammates for their talents, experience and style
  • Supporting each other in well-being and navigating tensions and stresspoints
  • Empowerment and taking responsibility for adding value
  • Spheres of Control, Influence and Concern; and effective ways to influence
  • Making sense of collaboration compared to other forms of working together


How will it help?

You will gain:

  • New or renewed energy in being together as a team
  • Greater relationship and rapport with each other
  • Potential to experience higher levels of satisfaction at work
  • Unique team-shared contextual knowledge about how you can work better together
  • Practical advice for continuous calibrating as a team
  • Increased mastery in a core high-value 21st century workscape skill (collaboration)
  • Framework for calibrating through five key conversations
  • Team workproduct on key ideas developed in the session to use immediately (varies for each team)


What’s involved?

  • Whole day session*
  • Small group (6-14 people)
  • Interactive, hands-on group activity
  • At your site or off-site*
  • Facilitated conversation and personal reflection
  • Safe space to explore and challenge old ways of thinking
  • Making real plans to take away and implement

* 3-hour telepresence/remote session available


What does it cost?

In-house session: Price on application


What others say

Helen designed and facilitated a staff development session for my team of professional consultants. The day was a resounding success and has made a big difference. The team grasped new concepts and got insights into their own behaviours and attitudes.  Team members felt substantially more empowered, through the activities in the session, to make personal changes to increase their work satisfaction. The team agreed unanimously that Helen was a great facilitator. She made them feel very comfortable to have a voice without fear of feeling foolish and made it a fun experience.
~ Pam Guy, Tribal Group

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