Professional development with a thought-leading experienced guide

It’s a conversation and a trusted relationship. You choose how deep or wide it goes.

A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Who is it for?

For individuals who want to sharpen and broaden their practice of leading a team. They have a strong appetite for growth and ability to drive their own learning.

An experienced or novice team leader, tackling challenges with a newly formed or recently restructured team.

What’s involved?

Our service is shaped to your situation. We mentor with a focus on leading teams in situations of ambiguity and emergence.

  • Regular conversations with an experienced leader and guide
  • Virtual or in-person contact
  • Active learning: action with reflection
  • Useful resources and tools

How will it help?

It will enable team leaders to:

  • Take time out to explore insights relevant to their current challenges and context
  • Develop fresh, or tweak existing, ideas to better shape team activities
  • Try new approaches knowing support is on hand
  • Act confidently in emerging innovative practices
  • Brand self as a contemporary highly-evolving team leader
  • Access unique expertise and thought-leading concepts and practices

What does it cost?

It depends on your requirements. Together we can figure out the best arrangement for your situation, with questions like:

  • For how long? (e.g. 2 months; 6 months)
  • With how much time? (e.g. 10 hours; 30 hours)
  • For how many people? (e.g. 1 person; 3 people)

What others say

Helen helped me and my team with becoming more change wise and savvy. I especially liked how Helen tailored her approach to work with each individual and the different challenges we each faced. The ongoing support we received in 1-1 sessions helped each of us to implement strategies to achieve something we could each be proud of. In our last team retrospective, we were each asked to write down one thing that enabled us to be successful as individuals and as a team – the response was clear, it was Helen!
~ Jess Tovara, Change Manager, Flinders University

I always believe in having someone who guides us and help us see things which stayed hidden, or reimagine our situation in an entirely new paradigm. Someone who continuously challenges the perspective of this world. Helen Palmer does this for me. She is an incredible person and my mentor. I highly recommend conversations with her as I believe it will lead to value for you and the organisation where you work.
~ Manvendra Kumar, Agile Transformation Coach, Telstra

Helen is an inspiring leader, she has the unique ability to provide innovative vision with such clarity, enthusiasm and energy that it inspires anyone who has contact with her to eager participation and excellence … Members of her team are encouraged to be innovative and are afforded the opportunity to explore and improve ways of working. Being a member of her team is not only an excellent learning experience but a pleasurable one … We all agree we would jump at the opportunity to work with her again.
~ The ‘Business Change Team’ Members, IT Services, Monash University


Mentor: Helen Palmer

Helen Palmer is Team Development Factiltiator at Questo.

She’s passionate about guiding and supporting people in self discovery through sometimes uncertain, often innovative, paths to change.

Her knowledge of leadership practice opens people to new possibilities, and their potential. She designs engaging experiences of change for the workplace and has a well-deserved reputation for translating theory into useful practice. Anticipate fun and originality in her mentoring sessions.