Helping you achieve meaningful change in your workscape

It’s not easy making changes in the workscape that affect people. Throw in new behaviours, different mindsets and new ways of working and it gets even trickier.

You have an idea of what changes to make, but you’re unsure what makes sense for the team, and how to go about making it happen.

Work with us and we’ll help you navigate the possibilities and decisions. We’ll listen to you, get to know your context and together chart useful ways forward.


Sessions for Designing and Learning

We work with groups or individuals in session-mode.

We offer sessions of two broad flavours: Designing for Change/Changing and Learning for Change.

  • Designing: Your objectives are to make decisions for the changes, and shape the changing experience.
  • Learning: Your objectives are to gain new skills, fresh thinking and an enriched team.

We have menus of options for both to mix-and-match to serve your needs:

We prepare a tailored menu for you and your needs. Often this can be a combination from both menus.

We expect the initial tailored menu to adapt as we learn together about the impact, the work we are doing is having. It’s rare to finish with the same plan we started with. Such is the nature of uncertain ambiguous situations. Think of the menu as a Compass – we’ll have a heading to guide the steps to take next.


To explore what makes best sense as a starting place for you, contact us.