Design your Transformation Program

People power change – get them on board and everything else will follow.

For the best chance of success, Questo designs a transformation process with and for people.

The Program has five parts that work together to enable transformation:

  • Stakeholder engagement and change leadership
  • Shaping a people-centric business solution
  • Communications and promotions
  • Learning and support
  • Deployment and business continuity.

Things alter for the worse spontaneously, if they be not altered for the better designedly.
~ Francis Bacon

Who is it for?

For organisations preparing to make substantial change, and planning how they will introduce and achieve it. We expect that at this stage, you will have already prepared a Transformation Strategy.

What’s involved?

  • Conversations with stakeholders and change leaders
  • Understanding and applying the parameters set in the Transformation Strategy
  • Iterative analysis and design activities for the five components
  • Induction and education activities for the project team
  • Crafting a Transformation Program Plan of cohesive coordinated activity
  • Preparing an initial list of people-change activities to integrate with other project and operational plans

How will it help?

Your organisation gains:

  • Clarity about the journey from now (as-is) to possible emergent futures
  • Confidence that people-change activities are prioritised and organised
  • Readiness of team members for their role in facilitating transformation
  • Sustainable program of change activity integrated with operational activity
  • Readiness to act purposefully and effectively in making change

What others say

Thanks for rescuing us from our Change Management ignorance and putting the project on a firm footing for CM and project-wide success in the coming year.
~ Nathan Bailey, eEducation Centre, Monash University