Change Design Principle Cards: Starter Set/Set 1

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Set of 45 cards in box with explanatory booklet

Price in AUD, includes AUD GST of 10%. (For international orders, GST is omitted)

NB: This set includes 4 Key Factor Cards.



A set of Design Principle Cards (32) with Activity Cards (9) in a sturdy box (70 mm x 121 mm) that holds up to 90 cards with room to fit Set 2 card set.

Accompanied by 4 Key Factor Cards and a Booklet explaining the different types of cards.


For more information on Change Design Principles


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Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 3.2 cm


  1. Rob (verified owner)

    I have been using the Change Design Principle Cards on a weekly basis. What I do is every week I select a principle card and then think about what that one means to me and use it as a focus principle for the week. I share my reflection with my team and occasionally share it in a weekly email that I send as well with the wider branch. It’s been really helpful in shining a spotlight on key change and communication techniques and becoming a better human.

  2. Jules

    I find there are many uses for the Change Design Principle cards – from formal workshops where we are exploring change and working to create capability around change, to working with teams and groups on collaboration to explore our own values and understandings around what will make those group dynamics work. I find them very helpful with sponsors and owners of change initiatives in helping them to understand the myriad complexities and moving parts of change. They are also just fun to pull from the pack and start a discussion.

  3. Lena Ross

    I’ve used the CDP cards to open conversations with clients and stakeholders that otherwise may not have occurred. In my experience, using tactile tools, such as the CDP cards, can remove blame and help promote a climate of safety as it’s the cards that (seemingly) steer the conversation rather than the facilitator or change consultant.
    For example, when I’ve used them in workshops with clients to help guide them on the principles they value most when leading change, we are able start from a place of trust and mutual understanding.

  4. Brad Adriaanse

    “The gift that keeps on giving!” The CDP cards are an excellent prompt, especially when I’m designing a project framework. I’ve found them to be an excellent tool and flesh out project principles, particularly those with fractious stakeholders. It helps to refine a project specific language and clarify engagement approaches for challenging stakeholders.

    The cards are an essential toolkit must-have, especially for those working in the change/design/project/learning space!

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