Listen to Helen speak on various topics 

While Questo doesn’t have its own podcast series, Helen has been the guest on external podcast series. Find these podcast conversations collated here.

If you host a podcast series, then Helen is very open to being your guest. Contact her today to explore what topics might be a good fit.


The Real Value of Change at Work

Helen talks with Ali Juma on the Inner Game of Change podcast about value (not values) as an important and potent concept to engage with in helping individuals navigate change in their workscapes. Recorded February 2023.


Embracing possibility in complexity

Helen talks with Susanne Le Boutillier on her Thriving in Complexity podcast about holding space so people can be present, embrace our past in ways that serve us into the future, learn from the people around us, let go and allow new possibilities to emerge. Recorded October 2022.


On creating a Safe Space for Conversations – Part 1 & 2

Helen talks with Julie Gillespie on her Conversations with Julie podcast about Conversations. They explore how an individual can influence their own safe spaces for conversations that are important and that matter. Recorded April 2022 and formed into two episodes.


On facilitation practice and philosophy

Helen talks with Natasha Redman on her Casa de Cambio podcast about Facilitation. They explore questions like: What is facilitation? How is it different to training? How to to prepare for a session – before you get in the room? What are tips for budding facilitators (do’s and don’ts)? Recorded July 2021.


On future directions for change management

Helen talks with Natasha Redman on her Casa de Cambio podcast about being innovative in practice and understanding, and using community as an agent for change. Natasha whimsically called this podcast ‘Throw Away your Comms Plan’ highlighting one aspect worthy of rethinking when tangling with complex change.  Recorded March 2021.


On how Helen’s strengths manifest in uncertain times

Helen talks with Emma Sharrock on her Strengths in Uncertainty series about her personal strengths (as framed by Clifton Strengths), and how her strengths are at play in her business and how she has navigated Covid-19 pandemic thus far. Recorded September 2020.


On being a leader to yourself

Helen talks with Samantha Garrett on the LearnBytes podcast about why being a leader to self is important in navigating the changing nature of our workscapes. Recorded September 2020.


On the missing conversations

Helen talks with Theresa Moulton on her Change Management Review podcast about conversations that matter which are missing in personal lives and in professional lives with each other. Recorded April 2017. Podcast (MP3) link



Helen hosts the podcast series Stories of the Brave for the Self unLimited resource collection. Episodes available via iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud.

On creating the Self unLimited idea

In this episode, Helen is interviewed by friend of Self unLimited Dani Sirotic about Helen’s past workscape and what shaped her thinking in creating the Self unLimited idea.