Some of our clients share their experience.

Business change project with technology component

In most system change that I have experienced or led, the emphasis is usually on the technology change and it is difficult to assert the need for true people change in such projects. In our project, I am certain that your change approach and your ability to adapt the change processes to suit the emotional climate at the time were one of the project’s biggest strengths. My staff members have often commented through this exercise that you placed a human face on the project which helped them transition successfully in the lead up to implementation and in the initial weeks.
~ Ms Julia Hoon, Assistant Director, Business Services, RMIT International, RMIT University


Organisational change that emerged

It started with a passing conversation on vague thoughts about changing how we managed our projects.  Through many facilitated conversations we began to make more sense of what we wanted, and why we wanted it. The team from Questo (formerly RHX Group) asked questions, challenged assumptions, shaped our thoughts into actions, gave us technical advice, inspired us and made a roadmap to follow – and we started to change. They supported our journey as a necessary ‘get-around-to-it’ to keep us focused when other things threatened to distract us, and motivated us if we procrastinated.   

We didn’t know we were going to but we changed business processes, we changed personal work practices, we changed tools and documents, we changed attitudes, we changed expectations. And it has been worth it, it’s made a big difference and it’s hard to imagine being anything else now.

Every journey of change in the workplace would benefit from having a business partner like Questo.
~ Alison Janecic, Project Manager, Gamma Business Solutions


Educational Change Project with practice & technology components

I am impressed by the breadth and depth of talent Helen brings to change work. She has energy, vision and technical substance that are enhanced by a proactively collaborative style.

She designed and oversaw a range of change activities that informed, educated and supported our teachers as they adopted new technology and changed their teaching practices. These activities were relevant, pragmatic and delivered with an empathetic touch. My academic colleagues have benefited from her constant advocacy as she monitored and influenced their change situation.

When Helen’s involved, I’ve learned we can be sure of a quality experience and great results with a creative touch. She gets things done, and has put in place a great foundation for our ongoing change efforts.
~ Dr George Kotsanas,  Academic ICT Director – Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University


Business Change Project with process & technology components

Our organisation recognised that our plan to introduce an Electronic Document & Records Management System represented significant change to the way our staff worked with information and technology. We sought expertise and experience in managing change to assist us from the very start of the project, and we also wanted to grow some internal expertise. From the first meeting with Helen it was apparent that the expertise we could access was exceptional; and perhaps paradigm shifting.

Through participative design, we shaped a Change Program that has provided a terrific framework and guidance for the project team in implementing change.  More importantly, the ongoing collaboration with Helen nurtured emerging expertise in change management for members of the project team. The benefits go beyond the project!
~ Haydn Blennerhassett, Project Manager and Knowledge Manager, Central Highlands Water