Who we are

Questo is a team of human-centric practitioners who share a desire for better work experiences and workplaces.

Our experience in organisational change is deep but not bound by rigid charts and theories. We are not fazed by disorder and uncertainty. In fact we revel in innovating with what is at hand.

Our clients include organisations, business owners, universities and local government and enlightened technology vendors. They choose Questo because we mix expertise and creativity to design practical plans that are dynamic and can adapt for an enjoyable, effective change journey.

We have a long track record of delivering on our promise.

People first

As passionate advocates for the human factor, we seek to release the talent and energy that drive sustainable change. We love those moments of delight when people are genuinely engaged.


Success comes from a basis of trust and integrity. We do what we say, and say what we mean. We help you explore feasible solutions, and we share our knowledge and experience as we work with you to reveal the path to your destination.


We are purposeful about what we do. Our actions are guided by design principles and enabled with design sensibilities like empathy, creativity, curiousity and optimism.

Helen talks to Dr Jen Frahm (Conversations of Change Podcasts) on the importance of ‘design’ in organisational change.


Our people

Helen PalmerHelen Palmer MIMS, BSc (Psychology)
Principal Change Agent

“Think of me like a Swiss Army knife. I’m what you need when you head into unknown territory.”

Helen’s organisational change kit comes with business analysis, design and strategic thinking, innovative catalysts and is applied with experience to adapt and design your change journey.

Her infectious energy, humour and a dash of whimsy lighten the experience, and help to cut to the core issues and inspire people to play to their strengths.

Helen has facilitated change and learning in many enterprises in Australia and New Zealand including Agriculture New Zealand, Ansett Australia, Asian Pacific Building Corporation, Bristol Myers-Squibs, HubMelbourne, Monash University, Oxford University Press, Plan Australia, Victorian Building Commission and Victorian Department of Parliamentary Services and Waite Group.

Accredited Change Manager Master LogoShe is an Accredited Change Manager – Master (and former Global Board Member, Thought Leadership Portfolio) of the Change Management Institute.


When we need additional expertise, we draw on a network of people who share Questo’s values.

If you would like to join our team, start a conversation with Helen.