Helping you shape learning experiences 

It’s not easy creating meaningful learning experiences. Add in evolving technology, varying customer expectations and hybird ways of working and it gets even more challenging.

You have an idea of what learning is needed. But you’re unsure how to translate that to an engaging relevant learning experience that has a positive impact.

We help you navigate the possibilities and decisions. We listen to you, get to know your situation and together chart useful ways forward.

Our knowledge and skills are offered in service to people motivated to make a positive difference in their corner of the world. We serve alongside and enable others to take the lead in shaping change in their collective workscape.

Questo services are shaped to serve two groups of people: Teams/Team Leaders and Learning Programme Owners


Teams/Team Leaders

Teams who seek to be better; to do better; and to thrive in what they do. The team’s need may be in response to a broader organisational initiative, or they simply want to start change with themselves. We provide learning that is a collective shared experience so individuals learn something as well as the team as a whole.

Learning Experiences:


Learning Programme Owners

L&D people or expert practitioners who seek to offer better learning experiences. You may own a small-medium business, or be responsible for a learning programme inside a medium-large organisation. You want to create a new, or renovate an existing, live learning experience that will be offered repeatedly.

Learning Design:

Learning Experiences:

  • Resources collection – for handy things to use in being a more effective designer and/or facilitator of learning
  • Masterclass in Learning Facilitation: In-the-flesh and Online versions – for uplifting existing skill in facilitating learning experiences


To explore what makes best sense as a starting place for you, contact us.